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May 23 2018

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May 17 2018

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Rule says women must wear heels. No flats.

Kristen Stewart takes off her heels in front of all the cameras and walks barefoot.

The only way to kill sexist rules is to openly disobey them.

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I’ll be happy to show you what “hits like a girl” really means

May 16 2018

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Gods among us.

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“white rabbit in red cape and beige rabbit in pink jumper” requested by William on patreon

[Drawing of a white rabbit in a red cape and a beige rabbit in a pink jumper above a caption that says “Embrace the little victories, but don’t stop believing in big victories. You can have all kinds and all sizes of victories.”]

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Source | Facebook

The source article references studies that suggest that having some background noise can help you think. Let us know if you think this is true! 

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I learned a concept in Personality Psychology that reflected this quote, but I am having trouble remembering the name of the theory. It was about selves and identity. If anyone remembers, please comment below. In the mean time, let’s discuss our thoughts on this at  Psych2go

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Long live the evil queen.

May 14 2018

May 09 2018

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How’s everyone’s day so far?

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